For a while there I had an artist listing on artnet, the “art world online” and a tracker of market trends in the arts. However, I’ve faded into obscurity, seemingly because artnet only store something like 50k artists in their database, and I guess I’m just not big enough to run with the pack!

Still, an article on artnet mentioning my work is something to rave about, no? More important than my mention in the article, it is really just a fine piece of writing by Ben Davis and I think really does justice to the Flux Factory living-collaborative environment, and understands the space quite well (while the following quote might be seen as a smack on the face, I think it more a really really fair assessment):

I haven’t always loved everything they’ve done; sometimes it has seemed too precious, or only partially thought through.

But read the article for yourself. Like I say it’s lovely, well-written, good images, and I’m thankful.

(this makes me think I need a ‘press’ type of section. Actually I need to re-think the whole frickin’ scheme around here! Bleh – blooooooooogs!)