no that post title isn’t an allusion towards any masochistic desires on my part since I’m not writing as much as I used to around these parts, but rather the tagline of a new Sega game designed for Japanese gamers eager to advance their Engrish on the Nintendo DS. Pretty amazing, it uses the DS stylus and writing recognition to fight zombies – one of my most-feared nemeses in gaming, movies, and the likely extinction of the human race!

It’s unfortunate I don’t not know English, else this looks like it would be a lot of fun to play. However I do still have and treasure my copy of Typing of the Dead (bought at a GAME store in London for $1!), which like other users I rate easily above an 8.0. This game was especially instrumental in getting me to memorize my keyboard’s special character layout, type “%@!!#” or get cut in the face by some sickle thrown at you by a flying lizard, or full sentences “No finance charges will be incurred” or get chainsawed to pieces, those kinds of moments.

And I love Japanese sensibilities towards commercials, they’re fast-layered environments with lots of color, sound effects, speech, and text, and they rarely manage to “sell” you, but you find yourself hooked, even for 3:45 minutes! You’ll see:

However I admit I haven’t tried Typing of the Dead on my DVORAK layout TypeMatrix 2030. Perhaps some zombie hunting is in order!