what can I say, Budapest is great. Actually, Buda is the shit. Pest is the town centre. if I lived here I’d live in Buda somewhere. guess that makes sense, rumor has it that’s where the fam is from.

so originally the plan was to have left earlier today for Croatia, to relax some days there before then heading to Kassel, for Documenta, and then from there to another city or two or direct to London to finish off this trip. then I got thinking, why Kassel? Documenta is pretty well documented online, indeed many of the works are pretty conceptual and only need to be read about or understood, not viewed. and another portion of the works I have no doubt I’ll see at another point in my life, and so I seem to think it’s just not necessary, and I’d much rather go easy on myself and trade an extra day in Budapest and an extra day on the beach in Croatia for a train hop to Kassel to engage with art that is, after all, just art.