well that didn’t take long, eH?

In February 2007 the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) “B2-Test (Beta 2)machines deployed to children in launch countries”, and less than two full months later it makes an appearance at the dorkbot-nyc event (held every month at the not-for-profit arts space Location One)

one laptop per dork

Perhaps this user is a beta tester of sorts, playing a dorkbot theme song over and over and over in order to find and squash some bugs for CSound; or perhaps they’re just a DORK with ‘m4d c0nN3x’ to Nicholas Negroponte.

Either way I think this is a sign you can expect to see more of these creeping up wherever dorks gather near you. Can anyone say ‘m3s]-[ n3+//0r|<1nG!!1k!!!jk!‘?

Well, can ya?

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