When travelling through SFO airport, I recommend an airline that arrives/departs from Terminal 2. My preference is Virgin America. Whatever your airline fancy, it’s all about the art at Terminal 2. The recent remodel was accompanied by some large-scale artworks being installed throughout the terminal, some at the lobby where all of the public can view them, and some past security checkpoints where only ticket holders can view the works available. Either way there’s a good collection of permanent works, and a rotating collection in the SFO Museum display cases, that always makes traveling through Terminal 2 worthwhile – I always add an extra 20-30 minutes to my travel time just to have the time to sit with some of the works (especially the SFO Museum display cases – saving those shots for another blog post); while spending more time at airports to view artworks and collections on display is becoming something of a new personal now-time.

You can read a lot more about the remodel and the art in SFO Terminal 2 over at the SF Arts Commission website.

Stacking Stones by Seiji Kunishima, flanked by Torso, and Greeting a Totem, by Marc Katano:

Topograph by Kendall Buster:

Every Beating Second by Janet Echelman:

Butterfly Wall by Charles Sowers:

and here’s a video of Butterfly Wall in operation (when it’s working correctly):