It started with a conversation that bubbled up into an idea that took a rendering to explain to people what the heck I was talking about: how to turn a pickup truck into a “box” truck with a little wood, and ingenuity. The idea was originally for the projection to be housed on the rear of the box, as if to simulate the vantage into the empty box truck compartment. This was eventually exchanged for the projection on the side of the truck due to the size of the truck and its orientation in the gallery; building things on-site, in situ, is key. I wasn’t able to get the full diagonal of the projection to fill the screen due to the throw distance, but that’s neither here nor there during a drink-induced fundraiser; not to mention the images were all different ratios and sizes, so some never would have filled the 4:3 screen. In the end I’m super happy with the results. And the people who really understood the project really understood it.