NYC-based artists and makers of Fakelore are crowdsourcing to keep their project going, hopefully to bring their almost whimsical style of frame-by-frame animation to more schools around the NYC area – and beyond!

They mention and show moments from their presence at World Maker Faire last year in their indiegogo video (below) – and I really appreciate that. Their setup was really simple, their message very strong and powerful – they totally deserved that Blue Ribbon!

This stop motion animation anthology narrates selected folktales from North, Central and South American countries. We want to re-­engage a digital audience with fading tales from different cultures. By blending both new and old technologies with these stories, FAKELORE creates a whimsical and surreal world for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Click here to support their campaign.

Here are my shots from World Maker Faire 2014, including many behind-the-scenes production shots:

World Maker Faire NY 2014