I sure am behind… I’m sure most of you have already caught wind of that Myspace-for-artists clone ‘Stuart’ (a conjunction of STUdent ART), published this morning in the NYTimes. Wait a minute… I’m saying most of you already caught wind of this when it was only published today? And I’m saying I’m behind. Man… the pressure and speed of today’s age sure are frightening.

Anyways, the article is a mixed bag really. While the article mentions in several instances the notion of peer-communication, it does little to expand on this topic and reminds us more of just how famous Saatchi could make an aspiring artist, given his mechanisms of influence. Of course, one wants to sign up, and after quickly trolling through the available profiles one realizes there are some legitimate, and good, people online, including curators, artists, and creators of various goods.

But what does it mean to sign up to a system like this? And why spend the time fretting over the maintenance of another online presence? But then again some good could come of it, theoretically, right? A communication-exchange with a foreign artist, an image swap, or an art swap, perhaps through analog channels like the real-world postal mail system? Does one jump the gun now and become one of the first now-near-1,500 artists in the database (keep in mind the Saatchi Gallery ‘Your Gallery’ network is already nearing 30k users), or does one wait to see the bugs worked out, the network expanded and the solid-potential of such an interface come to light… or is one just completely put off by how artists are already using this system as a spam-system for their ‘mixed media textural acrylic series of paintings that visually express happiness‘ (please, tell me more!)





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