wooster on spring
(image grabbed from Flickr – link below)

I missed it, mostly because i was put off by what I was told was a potential 2-hour wait in line – not deterred by the cold, just by the time (which later I found out was more like a 4-hour wait!) – this past weekend for the 3-day event of Wooster on Spring, presented by the Wooster Collective.

Like I say I missed the event, so I don’t have much to report. But take a look at the Wooster Collective’s project section for Wooster on Spring and you’ll find some pretty intriguing, insightful and positive expressions: both visually as well as in language; it sounds like if you didn’t go you missed out. And Wooster Collective says this energy is only ‘the tip of the iceberg’ – I can’t help but wonder if this iceberg were to melt and the entire city was blanketed in images such as these (Flickr pool for the event).