there are so many youtubes out there, you couldn’t see them all if you were born today and lived 100 years, and that doesn’t even count what would be created, produced and delivered in the next 100 years.

well, here’s a few I did watch:

this one reminds me of two movies I haven’t seen yet that I need to, Forbidden Planet (1956) and Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

“Bear sighting re-enactment” – this is Real News, thank you FOX!

that craaaaazy intersection in Tokyo, you all know it, have you seen it crossed though?

fans of Brooklyn, Dead Prez and the color yellow should appreciate this summertime (R.I.P.) jam:

The Onion news reports on Facebook, Twitter – how parents can stalk their own children!

cat mosh pit:

a goal of mine: