Thanks to everyone who came out to the OUTER SPACE party on the Boat. Where the hell did they get those Tyvek suits from anyhow? And kudos to whoever took their time to decorate them, hundreds upon hundreds of them. And that silver tape was a nice touch.

I was officially on board this time as the documentarian. I was shooting simultaneously on my G7 as well as on a Nikon D200 loaner. I’m torn. The D200 is an excellent DSLR, but simply did not respond the way it should have at times. But it took all the excellent portrait shots of the night, but the G7 – fits in my pocket, is cheaper, also 10MP, etc. – took comparable (at times better) crowd shots. Maybe it would just take time to learn the D200, the way it took me time to learn the G7… wait, no, the G7 was intuitive, took about an hour to learn. Sometimes you just vibe with a piece of hardware. Regardless, thanks to Elizabeth for the loaner, enjoy the shots (full set on my Flickr):