lenticular advertisement:

I was probably already thinking about public kiosks regarding my recent post because at it turns out I took this sequence of photos the day before I posted about those kiosks, this from Herald Square late at night, which employs lenticular photography to animate an otherwise static advertisement:

lenticular history channel ad

hardware geek pdf:

Download the Control Valve Handbook – everything you’d ever want to know about control valve mechanisms! 297pp, just over 3Mb!

NYNYNY aftermath:

the show I was just in at Flux Factory printed a gorgeous catalogue for the show. it’s 108pp, full-color, about 8″x8″. a photo of mine made the inside cover adjacent to the description text about Flux Factory:

NYNYNY catalogue cover
NYNYNY catalogue inside
NYNYNY catalogue text

maybe someday it’ll actually be for sale on their website? for now shoot me an email or leave a comment if you’re interested in one. they’re $30, all proceeds go to fixing our lack of hot water in January.

my home critical:

speaking of Flux Factory, it’s officially a ‘museum’

douche of the year (and its only January), Cory the Legend:

I know people from Melbourne, I know people IN Melbourne. I’ll go there someday, maybe sooner than I know. Is this what I have to look forward to?