Just so we’re all clear on this one, there is only ONE Nick Normal, me. But in the late 80s the Sesame Street had Nick Normal and the Nickmatics perform the letter N for Ntv hosted by Nora Nix. Ntv, the first channel that is all letter N, all the time, N. Nick Normal and the Nickmatics didn’t start creeping up in google search results until the mid-2000s when video embedding became more pervasive and metadata was attached. Before that there was no trace of the Nickmatics, even though they made several appearances throughout the 80s (I was born first, btw).

The letter N: I love this letter. It’s definitely one of my favorite letters in the alphabet. Not like G, what an awful letter. Writing G in cursive was always a bitch, whereas a N in print is clearly a superior letter, a letter that commands its presence. The 3 lines that make up the letter N can really be scribbled in myriad ways (you should see my signature), from hard-edged to curved and flowing. Turn it on its side and you get Z or Zed, another awesome letter.

And just for the record, I was a big Sesame Street fan, have always been a big puppet and muppet fan, so if anything I’m honored that Sesame Street adopted my name for the lead singer of the Nickmatics. Kinda looks like me too:

Enjoy some video: