I saw this piece several months back at Artists Space in NYC (sure enough there’s a photo in my Flickr). A really engaging piece that asked WHAT KIND OF HOUSE DOES A MAN WHO HAS LIVED IN A 6′ X9′ BOX FOR OVER 30 YEARS DREAM OF?

As it is completely pissing outside I’m tidying up some e-business and stumbled upon old links and saved data that I horded months ago and packed away for a rainy day. First I found a downloaded mov file (which I’ll direct you to in a bit) which triggered my memory of the exhibition. A quick google search returned the House That Herman Built site, which I wasn’t previously aware of. That mov file, a CAD video with narration by Herman can be found at this link. As I sifted through the website I was also unaware that artist Jackie Sumell’s piece is also currently on view at the Prospect One Biennial in New Orleans! I’ll be visiting New Orleans very soon, so whereas I usually end up missing about 99 in 100 biennials I am really looking forward to this one – and Herman if you’re in town (he grew up in N.O.) I’d like to buy you a drink!