personal achievements, however they are measured, are a simple way to remind oneself to keep going. my ‘digital achievements’ are exactly that – is it worth it? do i keep going? are my energies being exhausted without return? it’s not a financial concern – no matter what, I’ll keep pouring and pouring financial resources into these arenas, circles, networks. but how to measure or mark these moments? a few:

  • my Flickr account, less than 4 months old, hit 600 photos today, after the uploading of images from the final days of installation and the opening for the Albatross project by Flux Factory artists. this is an average of 5 images/day; I want this to double over the next 4 months.
  • sometime last week I’ve had my first laptop for a full year. I acquired a MSI MS-1022 after reading an excellent review of the machine over on notebookreview (and unlike most Mac users, I’ve never dropped my laptop! nor tripped over the power cable! LOL!) This machine has changed the way I think about computing, and greatly helped me with blogging among other new interventions.
  • since moving to my new webhost, my blog transfer stats have jumped from under 1Gig the first month (last august) to an astounding 11Gigs last month (and up from 7.7Gigs the month before, I might add!)
  • my first month on the new host saw an average of just over 100 sessions/day; now I’m up above 500. Something is working.
  • my Technorati listing has nearly dipped below 300,000, a personal best. Until this month I was hovering around 500,000.
  • 18 June next month will mark my one-year anniversary of blogging. I can’t wait for this day. I really want to hit 365 posts in one year, but I’m a good 120 posts off-mark. However, I’m now only working part-time, and have more time to post new content, so it’s going to become a personal challenge to see if I can inundate the blog with this much content! I hope so.