the NYTimes today published a Critics’ Choice review of Talib Kweli and Madlib’s “Liberation” EP, in the Arts section, page E3.

I blogged about this downloadable album nearly a week ago! Booya NYTimes!

Sure I didn’t put it as eloquently as Jon Pareles, but then again I haven’t been paid even a penny for all my research!

And get this, if you follow the NYTimes review to the published web link,, you’ll find the album is currently offline. No doubt too many requests overloaded their servers and their bandwith skyrocketed! Which is a GREAT notion, that too many people want to listen to progressive hip-hop! It’s just a shame the NYTimes was slow to the plate.

This reminds me I need to install a torrent tracker on my website. Then I could host this album. Then again, all it takes is a simple search online.