this is a new piece i made last night; spent around three hours producing this, and i should say this is only a test work. I wanted to see what the shape and silhouette look like, so I can have an idea of how the final works will function.

concepts later; for now the process for this sculptural sketch is: enlarge the source image; tape the enlarged prints together; cut out the flag; outline the shape; cut out the shape with a jigsaw; paint white.

flag phase 1flag phase 2flag phase 3flag phase 4flag phase 5

this material was a scrap of sound-proofing board, so I used it for this test-work. Eventually it is my goal to have these works free-standing – so the idea is to move towards 3/4″ or 1″ plywood. The more I think about it, I don’t think it’s necessary for the final works to be painted; originally this was done to increase the visibility of the work – high contrast – against the blue floor. Also because the surface and texture of the sound-proofing board is quite unpleasant, as opposed to plywood which is rich in color and textures. However I think unpainted plywood will hold its own fine, and there is no need to paint the surface. Contrast or the shape of the silhouette can be accented by other means: backlit by the sun; lit from an angle so the shadow becomes another work; etc.