Classic diner on the outskirts of STL city in Maplewood that caters to the midnight crowds, there’s always a good rush between 1-2am and they are open 24/7. The crowds are loud which is a good thing because there’s always a conversation to join in on, and people here are expressive! Joann is the type of waitress whose been here 30 years, an old dame with a quick attitude and her own personalized approach to crowd management: if you are loud or obnoxious she will hit you with her stick!


Not actually the stick she will hit you with (she keeps that behind the counter), this BIG STICK is displayed right by the entrance. Been going here since 1997 or 98 and can’t say I ever noticed it before. The joint still manages to surprise.

The menu is classic, and includes local fare like the Slinger, a must-have for carnivores (even I recommend it, simply for the sheer OMG-factor!).

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