About four months back I mentioned to my friend Cassie that I wouldn’t trust you if you didn’t dance.

Then I didn’t realize until I started thinking about this post that Nietzsche took it up a notch – BAM!

At the London Calling party I mentioned in the previous link there was this douche of a guy with mutton chops and a trench coat and some rocker shirt just standing in the middle of the dance floor. Just standing there. He might have been a nice guy, he seemed to be with good company, I’m sure to him it was some test of social boundaries, but really he was just a wanker. And when people asked him, “Hey are you gay?” or “You gonna take that coat off?” while slinging their hair around and spraying their sweat on everybody, he would play it off as though the questions you’re asking should be about yourself and why you are even bothered by him in the first place. Okay, bullshit excuse. You’re just standing there!

Earlier in December I was at some rocker bar. Lots of dice, leather, too-tight brassieres and being in St. Louis at the time, heavy indoor smoking (almost forgot what that was like living in London and NYC for so long). But rockers these days just don’t dance, and therefore I don’t trust them. Sure enough this room with a ratio of 4-to-1 men/women just stood around for the most part, the men gathering in clusters and when the moment occurred, gawked and cheered at any female dancer. American rockers are too-often attached to some nostalgic image, or perception that you have to act and look and organize yourself a certain way because that’s how it was done back then – that is where I come from.

But I’ve always been more attracted to the cultural export/import than the original.

And the Japanese just uprooted my perception of rockers-don’t-dance:

No way! Okay, but is image everything? What moves do you have?

At this point I’m thinking, “It’s gonna be another movie about wacky Japanese subcultures huh. It’s not like he’s gonna start dancing or anything!”

some stretches, warm-ups, then suddenly:


rival “dance” gang? You’ll have to watch to find out!

synchro-kick session


trailer here (.mov 37.3Mb)

by Peter, Bjorn and John