Amelia Geocos was a part-time resident of Flux Factory, housemate, friend, and awesome spirit. Sadly she was struck by a vehicle this past week while bicycling, and passed away.

(from Amelia’s facebook)

Amelia was a terribly smart individual, who on a personal level always managed to poke fun at me in a way few others could or would even dare! hah! Her intellect however was usurped by her inclination and ability to enjoy life and have fun, and she loved to have fun! It’s hard to find an image of Amelia on her own, as she was always giving – even in the photographic sense – to those around her. Unfortunately I don’t think I have any photos of Amelia myself. She always managed to elude me.

What’s worse is I had an offer to party with Amelia this past Wednesday evening, and passed because I had awoke at 5:30am that morning and traveled back to NYC from the Catskill Mountains, and was exhausted. Before then it was over a month since I’d seen her.

I intend to ghost bike her accident site.


Amelia at 1:22am during the Everything Must Go closing party. Is there a photo of this girl not having fun? I very much doubt it.

AMELIA’S WAKE will take place at

Grammercy Park Memorial Chapel
353 2nd Ave
Btwn 21st and 22nd

google map link

Wed July 16th and Thurs July 17th
Showing times: 2pm-5pm and 7pm-9pm

note: this is going to be a traditional wake, there will be other opportunities to bring Amelia Memorabilia.


Her family requests that everyone come THURS at 7pm. (There will be speaking and remembering of her life)

If you can’t make it Thursday come either day at anytime.

The family is planning Amelia’s Ghost Bike. I will post more details of that as they emerge, and do what I can to inform people of how to contribute.


Amelia’s ghostbike has been installed at 49th Street and 1st Avenue in Manhattan. The bike has the baby seat Amelia used to ride on as a child. Feel free to stop by the site and leave a little something for Amelia.


UPDATE: here’s Amelia’s ghostbike, from July 2010: