A random blog post to make sure I get something logged for the month of July! Even though it’s only July 1, I feel like my recent intermittent postings mean I have to blog when I can otherwise I don’t know if I will anymore!

Okay so here we go:

Brooklyn Museum and the Flickr Commons

some pretty exciting things going on over at the Brooklyn Museum, including their consigning to the Flickr Commons, which is less about taking photography in the museum and more about sharing their image archives (as well as images taken documenting recent events, openings, etc.). That’s great, just great. Good for them! Brooklyn Museum Flickr sets

Firestats, for WordPress

Firestats is a great, simple, web statistics system that can be easily integrated with WordPress (which runs this site). It’s smooth, consise and pretty darned comprehensive:

fresh install – 0 statistics

Firestats automatically refreshes! 5 minutes after install, already 5 visitors. That’s cool! (Further down the page you get referrers, countries, search terms, the lot… I hate having to open another tab for my webhost to view urchin stats – Firestats is easily accessible from within the WordPress dashboard!)

Firestats – hello to my Ukrainian and Chinese blogcomradesurfers! all 11.11% of you! Canada… eh.

PicLens for Firefox 3

Following on from the success of over 8 million downloads of Firefox 3 on its launch day, new extensions and add-ons are emerging at an alarming rate, and most of them are pretty top-notch! Furthermore, at least on my system, memory hogging doesn’t seem to be as much of a burden anymore, even with 20+ add-ons running! One of my new-found favorites is PicLens:

PicLens google image search for “nick normal” – an image I’ve never seen before, but I recognize it to be by Lance Wakeling of artmini acclaim! to the right of his image, me and Ashley at the Steinway Street stop in Queens (photo by Josh Picker); below that an image from Peekskill NY, at bookworm or whatever that fantastic bookstore is called, from a trip taken by Kerry, Sarah, Jamil and myself; above the photo of me and Ashley an image of me taken by Cassie Thornton!

Huh? same google image search for “nick normal”. I definitely don’t recognize this photo, but wish I was there! That hexagonal game board with topographic layers! brilliant! (and that orc is soooooo dead! unles… he has… mithril!)

PicLens is quick to browse Flickr too. not sure if it browses titles, tags, or description, but it’s pretty fast! That’s sweet!

So yeah, get PicLens!

and lastly…

Note to self:


i’m on it!