ArtFagCity over two weeks ago posted about artists fabricating “life sized cars out of unconventional automobile materials” (original post here).

Always one fighting for my contemporaries as well as being interested in art that is more than simply static objects in a white cube space (although I am sad I missed the Inside-Out NASCAR at Pierogi2000 earlier this year – looks like it would have been a fun piece to see), I thought I should highlight Jason Eisner, a friend, fellow artist, and ex-boss!


Above is a photo of one of Jason’s (standing to left of car, with beard) wood (mostly scrap) sculptures. This, a functional comic-car. The photo was taken by Richard Zimmerman, so I’m not sure how far along beyond this picture the machine might have advanced; knowing Jason, it might be painted, gesturally eratic and vibrantly colorful… or not, and just be made of wood and screws!

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