My friend Lance Wakeling will be in a one-night screening of works at The Elizabeth Foundation For The Arts (EFA), on Wednesday 15 November at 7pm. EFA’s website doesn’t actually plug the event, although it does list their address, and I promise it will happen! Lance says in his email:

I’d like to invite you to a screening entitled “3 Minutes : 3 Hours�
of new three minute works made in under three hours.

premiering 3 x 3 works by artists:

Chris Doyle
Margarida Garcia
Josh Greene
Oliver Kellhammer
Erin Lee
Zachary Mortensen
Ruth Ozeki
Michael Portnoy
Robert Ransick
Marcia Scott
Abigail Simon
Elaine Tin Nyo
Lance Wakeling
Josh Weinstein
Marina Zurkow

(+ organized by Marina Zurkow)

Even with a little bit of a break between works, the entire screening shouldn’t take up more than one hour, which is nice.

And speaking of hours, events, and Lance’s email actually, all of this prompted me to start thinking about a calendar, built into the weblog, where I can list these types of events, and make more transparent my activities as an artist (i.e. events I’m going to, etc.). I think something like this on an art blog as well as from an artist would be a truly unique development – a hack a day!