Today I got thinking about writing a series of entries ‘about the blog’. A very loose term, phrase, as it could mean: about this blog specifically; or more generally about the notion of a blog; perhaps about particulars like how this one is constructed, what bits of software (hardware even) are driving the blog. Basically a series of entries to get me thinking about the blog as medium. Something to get myself writing. Something – because it is a series – that I can re-visit, amend, append and expand over time. A constructive text.

Possible topics, possible notions to discuss or highlight, include something like:

  • Specific softwares
  • The interface
  • Hyperlink resource
  • Thoughts depot
  • Work in progress (immediately!)
  • Have your say
  • Right here, right now
  • One of many
  • Construct/Destruct
  • Who owns this?
  • Promotion/al

Okay maybe none of this makes crystal clear sense yet, but believe me I want to talk about it all! As long as my head can keep track of it all, I’ll eventually discuss this and more. For now it’s more an expect more warning.

But in the end, it’s all a question.