It’s not all LED blinkies and Arduinos. The culture of the Maker Movement is about all aspects of life, from food and fashion to, yes, music. And now you can listen to the entire full-length album by Esmerelda Strange & Lifesize Mousetrap: How to Defy Gravity With 6 Simple Machines. Have a listen: How to Defy Gravity With 6 Simple Machines by Esmerelda Strange
ArcAttack Rides Lighting Between Tesla Coils – Discovery blog Maker Faires spread the DIY gospel – CNN How burning sticks can boil water, recharge your phone, and save the world – Venture Beat The coolest projects at Maker Faire 2013 – TechHive (slideshow) Maker Faire CEO: Rockets and robots instead of pigs and pies (podcast) – CNet The Maker kids are alright – Salon Maker Faire Festival draws thousands to San Mateo County Fairgrounds – Mercury News Burners, nerds and folks in between unite at Maker Faire – SF Gate Game system castAR debuts at Maker Faire – Phys Org Helios Smart Handlebars Feature Turn-By-Turn Directions A Video Game That Doesn’t Actually Have Any Video – Kotaku NASA and private groups bring space exploration to Maker Faire – Examiner Sugru Sticks Around For All Your Quick Fixes – Discovery blog Army of Underwater Vehicles to Unravel Ocean Mysteries – Live…Continue Reading
So much awesome and incredible press came in before, during, and after 2012’s 3rd annual World Maker Faire. Such an epic event, I’m seeing things reported that I didn’t even see in person! … Let’s start with an absolutely epic article by TIME: How the ‘Maker’ Movement Plans to Transform the U.S. Economy Maker Faire Celebrates Do-It-Yourself-Culture – NPR Maker Faire NYC 2012 (pictures) – CNET 3D Printers at Maker Faire: Faster, Cheaper, Easier to Use – Tech News Daily also by Tech News Daily: Will 3D Printers Conquer the Consumer Market? 10 Reasons Why the World Maker Faire Was Awesome – Wired – only 10? Just kidding. But for reals 4 of these 10 were in my zone! Geek-Out Weekend – The Wall Street Journal Open Source Robotics Prevail at NYC Maker Faire – The Epoch Times World Maker Faire 2012 Event Recap – core77 31 Pics From Maker…Continue Reading
It’s incredible to consider it was a week ago today that the 7th annual Maker Faire Bay Area opened its floodgates and thousands upon thousands of people became “hyper-inspired”. We all have our favorite moments and project. Mine came the afternoon after the faire, when the breakdown was in full-swing and the grounds were only populated with the core crew and heavy machinery. The Flux Foundation – not to be confused with other Flux-es – who made the BrollyFlock, a 35′ tall 30′ diameter sculpture populated with 55 umbrellas (20 made of steel of which 9 shoot fire; and 35 with an elaborate Arduino-controlled LED lighting system), gave me perhaps the best memorabilia ever: a postcard covered in kisses from each of their awesome crew! Scroll down below to see the sculpture being installed, and finally for it in action at twilight. And here’s what it looked like during the…Continue Reading
Some additional press coverage, blog write-ups and Flickr accounts with good snappy-snaps: press: | Animated GIFs of the Coolest 3D Printers at the World Maker Faire (scroll down) TOR | Conductive Paint, Makerbots, Knitwear & More: EtsyBrook Goes To Maker Faire NYC mother nature network | Go ahead, Maker Faire my day PC World | UAVs, Modding, and a New Chumby at Maker Faire NY 2011 blogs: Dave Durant’s blog Bath-On-Hudson (Rensselaer, NY) (roadtrip!) flickr: 2011 Arduino WMF OSHW set on Flickr
Well, we did it! Once again we changed the world for the better. Here are some of my choice photos, followed by some important articles and coverage, and then finally some videos. Will keep updating but enjoy this selection for now: Definitely one of my favorite moments walking around outside was turning around and being visually stunned by the Rocket Park rockets, 1960s era rocket sculpture, and Tim Laursen’s MIDI controlled robot drummers in the foreground, with people interacting with his drumbots via a drum machine. Intense! Wonderful projection arts and chiptune sounds by Datalore This one made even me scratch my head! Homebrew biodiesel! Greggy and his homemade cakes were a big success! It was great seeing kids interact with exhibits, even if only momentarily. One of the few days of the year where they can be completely free. Bamboo Bicycles brought their mobile bike truck workshop Wonderfall spelled…Continue Reading
the International Plastic Quilt Project – I gave them one of my Editor’s Choice blue ribbons! Where to begin? This is one of those megaposts that makes me sad, because it reminds me of how much activity just happened, and how poof, it’s all gone now. I’m still nervous with excitement – okay maybe that’s the late-night coffee talking – and unclear what exactly to say other than if you missed it, you seriously missed it! It’s incredibly difficult to explain in a blog post what Maker Faire is: what it excites and instills in people, and how it operates. The best way to explain it is to participate in it, to see it live, and to flow through its channels. Maker Faire isn’t a thing that tells its Makers what to do. Instead, Maker Faire is whatever the Makers make of it! There’s a point at which the floodgates…Continue Reading
Originally I wanted to try and describe how the Open Call I will mention below as being like opening cultural floodgates unto the boroughs of New York City. But I’m just so excited, so anxious and almost nervous with enthusiasm that I realized I didn’t actually know how to describe my levels of excitement, anxiety and enthusiasm! So let’s just spit it out already: Maker Faire New York 2010 Open Call is now… Open! This has been in the works for a long time now, and I’m really happy – beyond words – to say that I’m a part of it! If you know me you know I love culture. I love events. I love people and artists and crowds and activities and mobs and spectacles and life. Loving is the easy part though. The best culture is D.I.Y. culture, and that means for it to happen, we have to…Continue Reading