It’s incredible to consider it was a week ago today that the 7th annual Maker Faire Bay Area opened its floodgates and thousands upon thousands of people became “hyper-inspired”. We all have our favorite moments and project. Mine came the afternoon after the faire, when the breakdown was in full-swing and the grounds were only populated with the core crew and heavy machinery. The Flux Foundationnot to be confused with other Flux-es – who made the BrollyFlock, a 35′ tall 30′ diameter sculpture populated with 55 umbrellas (20 made of steel of which 9 shoot fire; and 35 with an elaborate Arduino-controlled LED lighting system), gave me perhaps the best memorabilia ever: a postcard covered in kisses from each of their awesome crew!

Scroll down below to see the sculpture being installed, and finally for it in action at twilight. And here’s what it looked like during the day surrounded by peoples!

installing the Brolly Flock base

staging the brollies

ready for the first brolly

first few brollies up!

3 brollies

the more the merrier

art is heavy duty

staging more art, installing soft brollies

soft brollies installed

from fork to boom

brolly silhouette

let 'er burn!

all photos on my Flickr