Well, we did it! Once again we changed the world for the better. Here are some of my choice photos, followed by some important articles and coverage, and then finally some videos. Will keep updating but enjoy this selection for now:

Definitely one of my favorite moments walking around outside was turning around and being visually stunned by the Rocket Park rockets, 1960s era rocket sculpture, and Tim Laursen’s MIDI controlled robot drummers in the foreground, with people interacting with his drumbots via a drum machine. Intense!

Wonderful projection arts and chiptune sounds by Datalore

This one made even me scratch my head! Homebrew biodiesel!

Greggy and his homemade cakes were a big success!

It was great seeing kids interact with exhibits, even if only momentarily. One of the few days of the year where they can be completely free.

Bamboo Bicycles brought their mobile bike truck workshop

Wonderfall spelled things using illuminescent liquid

Little Yellow Drumbot, would take input audio from surrounding environment and turn that into a drum beat!

Huffington Post | What Barack Obama Could Learn From Maker Faire

Scientific American | A Robot in Every Home? We’re getting close.

BBC News | Tech heads display DIY projects at New York Maker Faire

Scientific America | Making, Education, and Innovation: Inspiring Makers in Underrepresented Communities

ABC News | New York Maker Faire Showcases a New Generation of Innovators (video below)

spectrum ieee | The Coolest Things at World Maker Faire 2011

Engadget | Arduino brings the (new) goods to Maker Faire New York, welcomes ARM into the fold

World Maker Faire 2011 set on my Flickr
some great photos by ka1kjz on Flickr
the NYSCI’s Maker Faire set on Flickr

MakerBot “brought the awesome”, and documented it in this episode of MakerBot TV:
iframe code removed because it was being ‘jacked by some domain that MakerBot forgot to renew!

ABC News, great interview with Mitch Altman which opens with Rude Mechanical Orchestra and features a nice segment with Joe Hudy and other Makers in my area:
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BIG UPS to Tim Laursen who personally helped me make World Maker Faire a success:

plenty more videos on Maker Faire’s YouTube Channel