in London. sitting in a cafe behind the York pub right outside the Angel tube station. it’s been exactly 3 years and 1 day since I’ve been in London. a lot has changed – more on that later.

trying to pin down my friend Ed Short, I’m supposed to be crashing on his couch. He hasn’t picked up his mobile phone for over 4 hours now. Not that I mind sitting in a cafe, but carting around my luggage is a bit difficult, not so much because of the weight but more because of the sunburn I intentionally received yesterday (the 30kg backpack and straps really dig in to the skin!) on the beach in Pula, Croatia. That’s right biyotch! I was swimming in the Mediterranean less than 24 hours ago! Of course London is grey, overcast and rainy! Okay some things here haven’t changed!

But I guess I can’t – actually – complain, like I said the sunburn was intentional. Sometimes a burn is just good for you, and me, I like to sensory overload my body every now and then. It’s sort of like every surface cell of your skin eating Sriracha for a couple days!

WiFi here is hard to come by, and this particular cafe closes too early by my opinion (9pm, for a Saturday).

I have a shedload of images to upload to Flickr, things to write, and notes to transcribe to posts. Unfortunately what WiFi is available here is paid for by the hour, rounded up. The Internets were hard to come by (as in never) in Pula, so it’ll take time, but I’ll make it worth the wait!

cheerio from the Angel, N1, London!