you have until 31 December to cast your vote (simply by clicking Vote, no registration or any bollocks like that) for the worst of Queens for 2007, as compiled by

The list includes my eventual house-move – Art Collective Flux Factory Threatened with Kick-out by MTA – as brought upon us by NYC’s governing transportation body the MTA, which recently bought the land we reside on and if push comes to shove could employ eminent domain to evict us.

Of course, the results are skewed. I cannot believe the recent murder in Forest Hills is less worse than me having to relocate – no one’s life is worth so little. However I do believe our situation is more important than the Mets collapse in September – I mean, any team that bad, who lose 12 of their last 17 when you only need one more to clinch, cmon!

Also be sure to vote for the Best of Queens!

On a side-note, I find it interesting that Forest Hills appears in both polls, as people who know me know of my fondness for Forest Hills, not only because it’s the home of Peter Parker but also because it’s one of the few places in the five boroughs where I consider one could actually live post-loft-style-artist-living and raise a family and have an actual house to call home, which even anarcho-syndicalist punk rockers like myself sometimes desire. It’s true.