Cmon! Everybody does it. “I wonder what Google Image Search thinks looks like me?” These are my results, below, which notably include Barack Obama, an Avatar-ed Barack Obama, I think that’s Tom Cruise, some politicians, Jon Stewart, a crazy guy in a Master Chief helmet, some religious figures, and various footballers and military officers (the jacket flare can’t quite be compared to!), among others:

And there’s a fast and furious way of doing this with any web-located image (Facebook profiles anybody) of you (or anybody!) online: in Chrome, install the Search by Image extension; then edit the extension’s options to ‘Show [camera] when hovering over an image’ and it will then do exactly that, over ANY image (jpg, png, gif!? yup!). From there it’s cakewalk. And what’s extra crazy is that your search result is databased, so there’s a hypertext URI you can bookmark for your results! (I don’t know How In The Hell that works!)