it’s been a good week in the arts here; i’ve always appreciated events and openings during the winters and springs than any other time of the year here. the climate seems to make the work more crisp, and having to push through the freeze or rain or grey to get to the work – like a pilgrimage – always seems to make it really satisfying, especially when the work is really really good.

and the work this week has been pretty darned good.

there was the opening at Location One by Leesa & Nicole Abahuni, on Wednesday;

On Thursday night, the MFA program at Parsons had their open studios event. I’ve been looking forward to this event for a few months now, ever since I met Langdon Graves at the Scope Hamptons event earlier this year; she mentioned attending Parsons, where friends of mine Ashley Kesling and Jessica Cannon also attended, and whom Langdon knew, so I was looking forward to seeing Langdon’s work. I was also introduced to her friend and studio-mate Nick Van Woert. Langdon and Nick had, without a doubt, the best work on show! Both of them had a really acute understanding of how to install their work, taking into account the entire space, with Langdon’s being more adjusted to the site, taking into account the partition walls, the supporting columns, etc. I believe they are both final-year students so it’s only a short time until their thesis show, which I’m now eagerly looking forward to!

Langdon Graves, photo by LangdonLangdon Graves, photo by LangdonNick van WoertNick van Woert

Langdon’s work had a very feminine touch; Nick’s mucho-masculine. I briefly contemplated if they’ve ever considered a collaboration of sorts, I’d like to see the manifestation of such a combo. Langdon’s work had a very light, plush feel to it, but slightly sinister even: valves, tubes, ball-sacks, transparent plastics, all the parts of which seemed to be scheming with every other, a sort of alien entity adjusting to its surroundings. Nick’s work, multi-materials sculptures, were seemingly ensconced and simultaneously exploding: you may get sucked into its abyss, or conversely be inflicted by its shrapnel. Watch out!

The following evening was the preview for Postcards From the Edge, an annual event that is always a delight; the work on view this year was not only the most-voluminous but I think the best I have seen in the three years I’ve attended the event. Unfortunately this time around I didn’t purchase any works, due to impending financial crunches.

And to top it all off, this week the Tatlin-inspired exhibition at Flux Factory went from grime and sawdust to resounding success. This show is only up for three weeks, which is a shame given its construction-hassle, but there are talks emerging on how to proceed with the show, how to promote it, what activities to host in the installation, etc.; you can read more over on the Tatlin show at Flux blog.

Saturday for myself was mostly a day in the studio, emerging with some new test-works and ideas, and preparing for some mid-December events, namely La Superette.

Today, Sunday, I present you with this chunky blog post! This evening I’ll hopefully be enjoying some pommes frites and belgian beers at a pub-place/enclave in the East Village.

To the pub!