Nearly 5 years after I purchased my Canon G7, I’ve finally upgraded (I’m no brand loyalist, but I’ve stuck with Canon for many reasons which I’ll detail later – I got the G12). Ironically in the same weekend that I decided on the upgrade purchase, my Flickr account surpassed the 10,000 public photos mark – I can’t believe it. I seriously never thought I’d make it this far, and I didn’t notice it almost until it was too late.

I keep multiple backups, and my Flickr is but one that is viewable by y’all. I use Flickr for the obvious reasons like sharing – it’s nice to know what my friends like, or to share collective memories. Almost more astonishing than the 10k flickrs though are the views – also in the same week I surpassed the quarter-million views mark, and already stand at over 255k views! I don’t even consider my photostream particularly “hot” or trend-setting, but the thought that each photo gets seen an average of 25 times is pretty wonderful. And if I quit taking photos today (I can’t!) I would be happy with knowing that number will only continue to grow. So it’s interesting to look back over recent photosets, emerging photosets, and some of the photosets that started this whole craze for me.

I purchased my G7 in July 2006 and almost instantly I started taking better pictures. And thus more pictures, and then organizing them better and using better meta to track them. This makes sense! So what began with a trip to Budapest and eventually documented a nearly year-long eviction, and return to NYC after a sojourn to the Midwest and New Orleans, recently with increasing focus on Maker culture and events around that movement, has accounted for the bulk of my 10,000 Flickrs – just a snippet of which exists below (and above, the Queens Plaza development is an ongoing use of social media to document the redesign of one of the busiest intersections in NYC that I thankfully and sometimes scarily call Home!).