I love green. It’s my “other” favorite color. Today’s festivities around Long Island City and Astoria, Queens, also featured lots of green – which I didn’t even notice until much later in the day when I was reviewing my shots. In order of appearance:

Easter Egg Hunt at Gantry Plaza State Park – less of a hunt, and more like a stampede!

9th annual Kite Flight at Socrates Sculpture Park – even the tape is green!

Kite Flight in action – a good windy day indeed

container garden in Astoria

probably my favorite domicile in all of Astoria, this house property goes all the way through from block to block, with a huge “backyard” garden and cobblestone driveway

green garage door – it was painted after the windows were filled in with plywood

lots of places in Queens with this rough growth – not the best light, I’ll be back!