If you’ve eaten Mexican food around town, and I mean good Mexican, check that, great Mexican, then you’ll recognize the word nixtamal. That said, the tech associated with “nixtamalization” of corn is Aztecan in origin, and therefore is not associated with current-day borders. You’re just as likely to find nixtamal in Guatamela or Belize; in short, it’s a Yucatan (or Mesoamerican) thing. The modern-day tech for nixtamalizing masa is not only highly regarded, but usually proudly displayed. No hidden techniques or trade secrets here. Watching these machines work is fascinating, and again the food associated with nixtamal is exquisite. Here’s a video of the Nixtamatic in action, a device manufactured and only sold by Nixtamatic in Mexico City (aside: I like when you search them in Maps you get a Street View of hanging laundry, stray dogs, tent stand, a lil’ altar, bright colors, & apartment blocks – a microview of what I imagine the macroview of the surrounding city to be like).