I totally forgot about this until I didn’t.

That almost doesn’t not make sense, but it does. Because it’s the kind of social copy you might find on the Facebook page for ‘The Museum of Me,’ a 2011 project by Intel that was an early foray into visualizing your online social self, creating a ‘virtual exhibit’ complete with panning environments and word-cloud walls and photo exhibits. It was actually kind of cool – especially for its time. But after that initial splash, the app went offline (when did webpages become apps?) and the Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2013. < sarc >I can’t imagine why the Facebook posts, which received at best 3 or 4 comments each, didn’t get more traction. I mean they are absolute gems:< /sarc >

but also, sadly, sad, like this one:

sad. Sad. … SAD!

During the digital-equivalent of sorting through an old shoe-box of photos, I stumbled upon some screenshots I took of my ‘Museum of Me’ – Intel unfortunately weren’t up to the task in 2011 of publishing the virtualized videos for download, and each time you wanted to view the ‘museum’ you had to re-initiate the app, and it took a while, so I feel fortunate enough to have had the wit to take these screenshots for posterity: