with presentations by Chris Woebken, Simon Burton, Kunal Gupta & Syed Salahuddin. It was a really wonderful season opener, it was good to see Douglas and Levi and thanks as always to Location One for hosting the event.

see the full lineup and get more details here.

Chris presented “animal superpowers” which included this helmet & optic-glove system that allowed the wearer to see what an ant might see, as it magnified objects in front (right hand) and below (left hand) by 100x to a screen inside the helmet!

Simon presented telephone telepathy and some of the theory behind this controversial subject:

this last shot was pretty genius, it was Simon’s “2 second lecture” on quantum mechanics, or physics, or whatever he was talking about! loL!

Kunal and Syed are from Babycastles and build and demo indie games – they’re like the zines of big-label game companies, they only do “local” gaming:

including this body-armor-esque suit with an embedded screen and a keyboard that the wearer holds out for the gamer, in an attempt to run a track-and-field.