Today some copies of Tangent, a zine I’ve mentioned ’round these parts before, showed up in the mail. I have three photos printed in this issue (honestly I thought Karen would only publish one! but I sent her three to choose from) as well as a Q&A that I previously blogged about.

In the zine my images were printed black&white, and turned out really well. here the images are in color. below are some descriptions of each image:

fortunoff vs DADAwater tower nycSunnyside blackout

1 – fortunoff vs DADA – I’ve been taking photos for a couple of years now of MoMA’s light pole banners. here we see the DADA banner dwarfed by the size of the fortunoff lettering and advertisement.

2 – water tower – part of another series of photos I have been taking for some time now, documenting water towers throughout new york city.

3 – Sunnyside – my favorite photo of these three, and most-relevant to one of my supplied answers in the issue; this shows the Sunnyside gate during the July 2006 Blackout in LIC, Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside (Queens, NY).