the nameservers switched over sometime this morning!
the blog is back online!!

in the process i lost one database. and i didn’t really lose it proper, but rather decided to simply let it fade into the ether. i’ll likely re-establish it at some point in the near future, but i have to think further about its importance, purpose, message, etc. it was the fluxphblog, for those who followed that project.

so getting the blog back to full wasn’t as easy as it is made out to be. of course, i kind of know why.

in the process of restoring the database tables, there was a feature that didn’t get properly re-implemented nearly 8 or so times. this feature, called ‘AUTO_INCREMENT’ is pretty important, because it tells various functions that WordPress performs, to automatically go to the next number; i.e. this is post #65, so the next one would be #66, and so forth.

first off recognizing that there was a problem, and then finding the right group of words that others might have reported for the same problem, took a couple of hours before i stumbled upon the ‘auto_increment’ suspect. then having to search this further, and find how others might go about fixing it, all took too long.

but i reckon i know why this problem emerged in the first place: my previous host was running MySQL 4.1.11, and my current host, while ‘better’ so far, is running an older version of MySQL, v3.23. when i migrated the database, i told the exported database to become 3.23 compatible, but with such a drastic move, any number of variables could have caused the drop. oh well, lesson learned!

the tables seem solid now, after all, i’m posting again!

WordPress support pages that helped me solve the ‘AUTO_INCREMENT’ bug:
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