All blogs are obliged to re-post useless YouTube videos from time to time, and mine is no different! So enjoy if you enjoy these types of videos:

exactly why I’ll never take a taxi in China again:

I’m a dog man, but damnit if cats don’t blow my mind sometimes! ICAN WANTZ NALGENE HEAD:

penguins chasing UFO light:

NBA player has imaginary low-five team-mates:

every good video flood deserves a good breakdancing video – this is beyond good, it’s effing incredible:

With Tron: Legacy just around the corner, well, I’M PUMPED! Tron is one of those early-80s legacies (pun intended) that, holy shit was that nearly 30 years ago – YUP! – is just as good today as it was then. And this Derezzed music video by electro-rockers Daft Punk is the HOT JAMZ – one hopes this is a sign of how cool this new movie might be:

have you been following these Taiwanese news update videos? They’re, ummm… well, objective?

and you can roll out with this one. Be sure to turn the speakers up to MAX. All the kids will be singing this little ditty, all the Greek kids that is. Unbelievable what social media has done to society: