It’s been a grueling week, and it aint nowhere near over yet.

This past weekend I helped my friends Sebastien and Marie move house; I drove and packed the rental truck. It was a cumbersome move that took longer than it should have. To boot I strained a muscle in my lower back that took two days of hot showers, stretching and attempted-relaxing to work off. Just in time for the opening reception tonight at Location One, which was pretty successful. And just in time to come home to Flux Factory to install for the next show, which is ummm… barrelling along just fine. ahem. No really I’m sure it will be lovely. Of course the reception for that show isn’t too much of a concern for me, since my work is a light projection that can’t be seen during the day, or when the gallery lights are turned on (i.e. during the reception). however it is winter and there is more dark than light, so my work, which will be projected 24-7 for the duration of the show, will get more viewing time than not. I did some tests earlier tonight and all is well. There’s a little conflict with placement in the gallery but nothing that can’t be overcome.

There are some other deadlines looming; also a friend is having a birthday bash thing Saturday; as well as this weekend is the benefit sale of postcards for Postcards From the Edge, this year being held at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. (including the sneak peek preview for that, tomorrow, at the same time as the Tatlin exhibition at Flux Factory – ahh to be in two places at the same time, how I love that maneuver!). Like I said, aint nowhere near over yet!