so Turkey Day came and went. go figure the evening before Thanksgiving I started to feel a little sick in the throat; someone I’m living with had similar conditions so I wouldn’t be surprised if I picked up something from them, combined with being stressed out and overworked from the intense work this past week at work. However I did manage to sense the sore throat coming on a little earlier than usual and think I managed to suppress it quite well by consuming nearly a litre of whiskey these past four days. Although not looking forward to the context I’ll definitely give that cure-all another go!

But not all was lost this weekend. I did manage to construct my tool shelf, which I have been planning for some time now but was for a while unable to find the proper shelving brackets, which I finally found a few days ago during a tool run for another item. Sweet! So the shelf sits above the photocopier and the desktop monitor, and kind of frames off a previously-dead space part of the wall, while still allowing me to reach all the hand-tools. These are tools I use most-often, or in the case of the button maker are large and odd-shaped and otherwise difficult to store anywhere else.

the shelf

The complete list of tools on the shelf are:

    two tape guns (one in photo)
    tape rolls
    sanding block
    laser level
    analog level
    three sizes glue
    two hammers (one in photo)
    button maker
    two button die cutters
    staple gun
    jar of push pins
    spray glue
    three tape measures
    power screwdriver
    screwdriver battery charger
    drill bit tray

And then I get to spend the rest of my day driving a 16-foot Budget rental around town, helping a friend move house. Guess I should just about get ready for that. And maybe eat some breakfast.