Unbelievable. Truly. I grew up not far from where this photo was taken, and can’t say I ever saw this many people piled into the downtown St. Louis area. Bob Dole’s visit during 1996 for his failed presidential bid drew both supporters AND protesters, and still numbered less than half of what the Wall Street Journal writes is an estimated 100,000 people. Given the city has less than 400,000 residents, and the metro area less than 3mil, and that St. Louis carries a lot of weight in Missouri’s electoral votes, let’s hope this is a sign that things really can, and will, change. To put it in another perspective, I seriously doubt that if McCain and Palin both were to campaign in St. Louis they could draw anything like this at an outdoor rally. Heck they might even draw more criticism from non-pro-America Americans than they would supporters. Wankers.

(My only criticism is the WSJ article is incorrect in labeling Missouri a “typically red state”. Missouri voted blue 14 times versus voting red 12 times in the previous centry; it voted blue as recently as ’92 and ’96 – and for the last 10 general elections has voted with the eventual winner, one of the few states to consistently maintain such credentials.)