At least the best website you hear about today that you’ve never heard of before – that’s for sure.

In an era of Web 2.0 mobile-centric Material Design, Radiooooo is also an interesting throwback to an era of 90s/00s design where tabs are designs unto themselves, the logo is almost excessively acute, and the ‘website’ is really just the one single-serving page: a map. And if you haven’t guessed, they’re a ‘radio’oooo player on the web. Streaming songs based on geo- and chronological clicks: 1990s Finland, 1940s Mexico, even 2000s Antarctica! Whatever decade you’re in, the map has yellow and white countries; only the yellow highlighted countries contain songs ‘posted’ for that decade. You can also click ‘Neverland’ and ‘Discovery Island’ for a novel music-finding experience.

You can’t really ‘forward’ to another song from the same country-decade combination, but you can click the ‘slow’ ‘fast’ ‘weird’ tempo buttons to change the ‘mood’ to fit the algorithm for the buttons you’ve selected.

For some of the decades and countries some songs were familiar – top hits kind of tunes. But the map and decade-selection makes you quickly realize how little you know about world music and each generation’s influence on the next. The interface is somewhat ‘clunky’ by modern standards, and if you want to track any Likes – and you will – you’ll want to make an account, which is also a pretty clunky process and login. But it’s worth it, absolutely. And the whole point, is I keep finding music I don’t think I’ve ever heard before, that’s pretty good!

So have fun exploring the world’s music in time: