last night was the first round of openings across NYC, with the vast majority of commercial Chelsea galleries opening their doors.

the weather was perfect, and as such the vicinity was fucking crawling with people. because of the abundance of people, inevitably there are a number of dealers and collectors abound; as such, galleries and i reckon even artists themselves, were attempting to sell some work right off the walls! strugglin’!!! i barely got to see any work but who cares, i was way more interested in hanging out with my Aussie Amazon sister-friends Alice and Martina.

alice me martina

After this show – the work has been blurred because it doesn’t really matter what we were looking at – we went for dinner on a Chelsea pier where Martina said she first ate six years ago and there were only 20 people there with a few staff. This time there were a couple hundred people and multiple food and drink kiosks. Then we went dancing until the wee hours. Of course I was late for work today.