For many years I was a solid proponent of the Adata SH02 external USB HDDs. In many ways I still am. They are pocket-friendly, and came in capacities up to 1TB for nearly 1/2 the price of all other HDDs in the 2010-2012 years. The HDDs inside the enclosures are typically Toshiba MK1059GSMs, which are reliable for 2.5″ platter drives. IMHO the best feature was the the HDD came fitted with a standard SATA power and data connectors, with the USB controller independently connected to the drive connectors. This meant you were essentially buying a standalone HDD, without it being affixed to the USB controller (especially external HDDs of older generations didn’t provide this feature).

But sometimes those USB controllers fail. And you need to get your enclosure open to troubleshoot.

In the case of the Superior SH02 enclosure, this thing is a b*tch. A pain in the arse for sure. Conversely, it’s made to last! It’s a solid enclosure design, not prone to cracks or fractures. But man when you need to get it open prepare to sweat. The lid and body are both made from a dense #7 ABS plastic.


After prying around the ‘back’ where the USB mini-B receptacle is located, I decided to abandon this area for fear of damaging the USB port. So I went to the front:


Basically, to get this enclosure open you’re going to lose your enclosure. I can’t imagine anyone has the tools (or time, or desire) to get this thing open and use it again. Instead, just tear it apart with your choice pliers or needletip clips, or whatever you call your favorite handtool for ripping things apart. Just go at it! Eventually you’ll get a hole made, and can pry into the lid and pop it apart from the body.

All around the lid there are these clips that attach to brackets on the body; this is how the lid is held so securely in place, with no room to budge any which way:


Eventually you’ll get it open, and can rescue your HDD, and swap it over to your preferred USB external enclosure or drive reader.

Have fun getting your Superior SH02 enclosure open!