It’s a shame when people think their way to fame is by bait-and-switching others.

For instance, a week ago some random dude decided to Follow me on Twitter:


I thought, “OK, cool, whatevs.” I followed back. At which point he even sent me a DM (likely automated):


But I was also suspicious, and thus took the first screenshot above. I set a reminder for myself to check back in just one week and see if he still followed me.


Notice anything missing? “FOLLOWS YOU” is unscrupulously missing from beside their @username. In other words he uses a follow-and-unfollow script, and thinks he can get away with it.

But now that I’ve blogged about

Aristotle Dreher

the Twitter-follower-scammer, his name will forever be attached to my blog’s meta. See, you can be honest, and people will write about you, and you’ll forever be remembered for being honest. Or you can scam people into being your “followers” and people will forever remember you for bait-and-switching them.

Your choice, Aristotle.