“NO SMOKING”, 2010, approximately 6″x14″, 3-color silkscreen on sheetmetal

Last summer when I was assisting with the renovation and remodeling of the current Flux Factory arts & residency centre, I removed a couple artifacts from the building that might have otherwise got built over, taken down or trashed without consideration. One of those artifacts was a “NO SMOKING” sign absolutely covered with white splatter paint, and aged to a yellow like a 35-year smoker’s teeth. I was attracted to the comical font, and the remnants of wear and tear on the surface of the sign. For Flux Factory’s upcoming inaugural show, my piece will be to replicate this NO SMOKING sign in silkscreen on sheet metal and install them throughout the building. As well as being a site-specific piece, the signs double as legal signage, since the organization is an office with commercial zoning the signs are a must. I plan on selling the works as limited edition (number yet to be determined), so if you’re interested in NO SMOKING your establishment, house or office, I reckon $10-$20/each once I price my materials and labor (3 color on sheet metal, with holes drilled for hanging).