took a bicycle ride today, for the first time in a long time since being hit by a car while biking over three years ago (although I did ride a bike one day during the 2005 MTA transit strike – but had to quickly abandon due to pain felt from said accident). it seems me and bicycles have an unfortunate relationship, as something always seems to go wrong. today, the ride was great. sun was sunny. strong breeze. cars gave plenty of room. i took my time, just moseyed along. no pain.

alas, my mobile phone made an escape. somewhere along the ride it popped out of my pocket (my SHIRT pocket no less!), and i didn’t hear of it. gone.

that’s twice in two years I’ve lost my phone, which is incredible for someone who hasn’t lost so much as a paperclip ever before.

well, this time I already had my lesson learned. I’ve routinely backed up my contacts and messages with Bitpim, so at least not all is lost. and ironic too, that just this morning I was talking with me mum, and I told her as soon as my contract is up I’ll be switching providers (we both have Verizon for ‘in’ minutes, but I’m sick of paying premiums for packages like that – time to switch to a phone that can VoIP).

oh LG VX7000, can you hear me? *sniffle* goodbye