This “race and ethnicity” mapping tool published by the NY Times, overlay on a Google Map, collects census data spanning from 2005-09. It reveals some interesting reflections of the 5 boroughs: Roosevelt Island is pretty damned mixed; there’s more red in Flushing than in Chinatown; one side of Prospect Park is solid green, the other solid blue; there is one lone red and one lone yellow dot in Breezy Point, otherwise its all green; there are people living in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, but not in Central Park; and, do any White people live in the Bronx?

(click any of the following images to embiggen)

a snapshot of the 5 boroughs:

my neighborhood of Dutch Kills is quite mixed, and the specific “tract” that I live in is only 12% White, with as many as 9% being reported as “Other”:

this detail of Manhattan (left) shows a large concentration of Asians (i.e. Chinatown) and some areas of north Brooklyn are as much as 95% white now (I wonder what color these dots would have been 10, 15, 20 years ago…):

this map of Astoria suggests there might be at least one person, a White person, living in the Con Ed power plant on the north shore:

and lastly a snapshot of the contiguous United States, which basically shows all the urban centers and their relative race-color dots: