Here’s another MAKE short video I had a hand in helping produce. The Cell Motion BioBus, or just BioBus, is a wonderful mobile science laboratory, built inside of the frame of a 70s-era San Francisco bridge bus (it went back and forth over the Golden Gate all day!). It tours NYC and other nearby cities, giving kids hands-on experiences with science. Brilliant – because sometimes it’s too much or too difficult to take the kids to the science museum, so this way the science comes to them! The BioBus engine is powered by waste vegetable oil, it has a wind turbine that can be mounted to the front, and has multiple solar panels on top, all of which powers most of the activities and equipment inside the Bus. The Bus’s rooftop also houses a proof-of-concept of Bus Roots by Marco Castro – which is how I originally found out about the BioBus. This was a really fun shoot that took place in my surrounding neighborhood – and big ups to Antony for the lighter, Water’s Edge for the assist, Matt and Becky for a wonderful team effort, Dr. Ben and everyone in his lab for being awesome, and MAKE for making it happen.

[behind the scenes photos on my Flickr]